Covid-19 guidelines and information

We want to ensure all visitors and exhibitors have an enjoyable, successful experience at the Group Leisure & Travel Show – but it is also just as important that everyone feels safe and comfortable.

As organisers of the GLT Show we will regularly monitor any Government guidelines with regard to live events and public assembly. We will adapt and update our plans as may be necessary.

There is no requirement for visitors or exhibitors to wear masks at the show and in general, as things stand, visiting and exhibiting arrangements are as they were pre-covid.

However, please note the following:

  • Feel free to wear face masks or coverings in the Hall at the Marshall Arena (this includes pre-build, break-down and during the open period).
  • Hand sanitation stations will be placed around the venue.
  • We are requesting regular cleaning of touch points within the venue.
  • We ask visitors and exhibitors not to attend the event if they have Covid symptoms.


Should you have any concerns or questions please contact the exhibition organising team.