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Thursday 3rd October 2024 at the Marshall Arena at Stadium MK, Milton Keynes.

Visitor Testimonials

Visitor Quotes from 2023

“Coming to the GLT Show has reminded me what’s out there again because I’ve recently taken on the role of organiser for a new group. Having a new group, you’ve got to persuade people to go on the trips with you. We’ve found out about a couple of places we haven’t heard of before which is great. We find Group Leisure & Travel magazine so helpful. It’s great having something physical. If something interests me, I can  turn the corners down and rip things out.”


Tilly Greenhill,
The Library Association

“I never miss the show; it’s good to come and connect with other businesses. Speaking to somebody one-to-one is very important, I’ve learnt so much today from in-person speaking. If you’re in the travel trade, it’s fast paced and fast moving so it’s always important to stay ahead of what’s available and see what’s new. I always love this location (Milton Keynes), it’s really well organised, everybody is really friendly. It’s a lovely atmosphere and has been a really good day. I always try and visit somebody new.”


Becky Chikaura,
Ms Bee Group Travel

“It’s always useful to come and see people face to face and also great to pick up new inspiration for itineraries, destinations and attractions. It gives you a great understanding of what’s out there, there is such a wide variety of places represented, some things you’ve never thought of before. It’s also great to meet other GTOs as well. It’s a great opportunity to bump into people you know and meet new people who you can share ideas with too. Group travel is back on the map for sure, so I’m really excited for the next few years to come. We’re already booking into 2025 so the future is bright.”

Neil Edeson,
Surrey Trips

“If you go away from the GLT Show with just one idea that you can use it’s a winner and we’ve got more than one idea from today’s exhibition, so it’s been great. We’ve picked up options for group holidays and days out that I haven’t thought about. We’ve got a lot of leaflets to take home with us to go through to help us put the programme together.”


Richard Preston,
The Valentine Club
“The GLT Show was very useful. I checked out who was exhibiting beforehand, so I knew who I wanted to see. It also gave me the opportunity to meet up with the person I do my overseas hotel bookings with as I have not actually seen him in a couple of years.”

Linda Hubbard,
Bexley Civic Society

“I think the thing I have learned most is that by coming here, you can build an outing where there is more than one venue involved. It’s very useful to us to have stands like Visit Buckinghamshire or the Great West Way – we even spoke to somebody from Visit Reading and it’s somewhere we would have never considered visiting before. It’s certainly a day full of surprises and the whole experience is good – it rekindles our enthusiasm for organising day trips again. Even the most ardent group organiser can get a bit jaded at the end of a long summer, but the GLT Show is just the spur we need to carry on.”


Andrew Moss,
Oxford NHS Retirement Fellowship

“We’ve found quite a few ideas from the day. When you’ve been organising trips as long as I have, we’ve been to most places across the UK, so it’s great to find new places. We spoke to someone from Loughborough Steam Railway and are now looking forward to visiting soon.”

Keith Jordan
Lincoln Retirees Group

“All the staff have been really polite and I can’t fault it, apart from the fact I’m absolutely wiped out! We thought it was a small exhibition but how wrong were we. We’ve found lots of different ideas which is exactly what we came for. All the exhibitors were good, not too pushy sales wise, and extremely helpful.”

Marian Hannaford,
Witney U3A

“The GLT Show is fantastic because you get to catch up with everyone face to face, you can’t beat that.”

Mary Gotts,

“I never even realised that there was a Living Crafts event at Hatfield Park every year, so that’s completely new for me and will really go down well with our people. I come to the GLT Show every year and when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always something new. I’ve even been offered a FAM visit for our members to experience The Gunpowder Plot in London which is rather nice and it sounds very interesting indeed.”

Patrick Lake,
Chippy Active Trips

“We absolutely love military and war history visits as a group, and thought we had done every museum possible. However, we found out about the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum at the GLT Show which I had never heard of and that’s what it’s all about, finding new ideas and planning memorable trips for everyone.”

Mike Herring,
Kings Cliffe Old Blokes Club

“We sat down with tour operator Norman Allen Group Travel first thing and virtually sorted three big holidays and itineraries up until 2025. It was the perfect opportunity to brainstorm ideas together in person. All sorts of ideas were flung around for half an hour, and we were able to speak to the right people to let us know what’s best for our group. I also needed two more day trips for next year and have found those too so it’s been a good experience. It’s great to be able to talk to the right people and ask them questions. It’s so much easier than ping ponging emails across and there are some places here that we’ve not even thought about, so it’s been really good.”


Pauline Johnson,
Hinckley Social Theatre & Travel Club

Visitor Quotes from 2022

“It’s great to be here and have a chat with all the various exhibitors on show. My group are always looking for ideas of where to go, we go out every month, and you can only find them by coming along to somewhere like this, or by reading Group Leisure & Travel magazine. I made a note of those exhibitors I wanted to see and made sure to go over and have a chat, and then I spend the rest of the time meeting companies and attractions I don’t know to find those fresh ideas.”

Pat Lake,
Chippy Active Trips

“By coming here, you pick up new places to visit, as well as what they’re developing for the future. You also pick up several contacts so when you’re planning your next visit, you’ve got someone you know you can go to. I’ve got a stack of cards now that I can use for future visits, this is good show for meeting new people. We went along to the Enjoy Staffordshire stand and have heard all about their new offers they’re trying to develop for groups. It’s this kind of stuff that you can’t pick up by reading a guidebook. All the exhibitors are very friendly, and they know their stuff.”

Graham Lale,
First Garden Cities Homes

“This show is a major source of information to help inspire our group trips, with ideas about places we can go to. By talking to someone face to face, it is a totally different experience to trying to do it on the telephone. It’s often the little details that can be overlooked, you don’t get that by coming along to the show. I’ve discovered lots of ideas and chatted to lots of interesting people. I will now go back and analyse this bag of leaflets and more. The arena is easy to find and has plenty of parking available outside. I’ve been very impressed with the organisation too.

“When I worked in business, I did lots of exhibitions and it’s tough to please everyone who is visiting on the day, but you make it very easy because you get your free bacon roll, you get your free parking, you don’t have to pay for lunch and you make it incredibly customer-friendly for people like me who want to come along. If you’re going to somewhere like the NEC, it can become a really expensive day out but here, it’s all customer orientated so I’m impressed by it.”

Mike Herring,
Kings Cliffe Old Blokes Club

“For me, it’s always a day full of discovery. Before you come you may have identified a few exhibitors you would like to speak to, then when you get here, there’s so much more to see. I’ve spoken to places I hadn’t even thought about, such as the London Transport Museum, or one or two others, there’s so much here to see.  It’s important to come along to the GLT Show because of the diversity in attractions that it offers group organisers. Once you make that personal contact with people, and if you ring them up afterwards, they’re so eager to help. It’s really very valuable to meet the people who work at these attractions.”

Andrew Moss,
Oxford NHS Retirement Fellowship

“I’ve found the day very informative and it’s great to see that travel is really back up and running following covid. I absolutely loved the talk from Jennie Bond in the Seminar Theatre, she was incredibly funny and had some amazing stories. The GLT Show just has that atmosphere where you know you’re in a room with like-minded people and you get ideas. I will keep coming to the GLT Show every year because we get so much information here, you all put on a great experience for us and you can find a whole range of ideas.”

Becky Chikaura,
Ms Bee Group Travel

“It has been fantastic for me to pick up ideas for my day trips and holidays. My group are desperate to get out again after they’ve been shut away for the best part of two years. They want to get out and do things which is why I’ve decided to come to the show to pick up ideas. Since visiting the GLT Show last year, we’ve taken our group on two holidays. It’s the first time I’ve done a holiday rather than a day trip and we’re going to try to book one for next year too. The exhibition is so helpful to me as a GTO, basically because you have all of the exhibitors in one place showing what you can do.”

Richard Preston,
The Valentine Club

“The highlight of the day for me has been the amazing seminar speakers and their talks. It has been a great day all round. It was so nice to have the bacon butties and lunch laid on too.”

Valerie Rowson,
Townswomens Guild

“Thank you so much for a fabulous exhibition. It was great seeing all the familiar faces again and meeting new ones. Unusually, I managed to make each one of the seminar talks which were super and informative and the speakers were so enthusiastic. All in all, such a great success.”

Marian Durbidge,
Herts Theatre Club

“The speakers were absolutely superb. It was as if they were talking to you intimately. I love Simon Calder’s comments, they were all so interesting, especially about Brexit and how things have changed regarding travel. Jennie Bond’s talk was so interesting too, she was a great addition. I’ve picked up lots of ideas today.”

Christine Rycroft, Friends of Hylands House

“Email contact is functional, but there is no substitute for being able to speak to suppliers face-to-face. Having been a GTO for 14 years, I feel it is now more of a catch-up rather than gaining a lot of new ideas. For newcomers it is an ideal opportunity to expand their ideas and plan ahead. I was able to get answers to specific questions, which was extremely useful.”

Elizabeth Hodgson,
Barnet U3A

“The room was buzzing with enthusiasm, not only from the group organisers, but from those on the stands. I was particularly interested in meeting the people from Leicester and Leicestershire who had produced an interesting brochure and as it is our next county we will be visiting some of their attractions. The speakers were excellent, with a variety of topics. All in all an excellent day and very worthwhile.”

Barbara Tester,
Day Explorers Group

Testimonials from our visitors day…

“I’m really looking forward to it. Everything is so easy at the Marshall Arena. And because it’s the first time the Group Leisure & Travel Show has been held in Milton Keynes there’s such a buzz about it – everyone will want to be here. It’s so cosy and has a really nice feel to it.”

GTO Marian Durbidge

“It has been great to see the venue in Milton Keynes, it’s much more intimate and it feels like everything will flow much easier. It’s going to be great. As soon as I heard it was in Milton Keynes I knew it would be right.”

Sylvia Saxon, GTO and chair of the New Meridian Association

“The GLT Show being in Milton Keynes just makes sense. Visitors will be able to make a real day of it – there’s everything here, shops, restaurants, everything you need. The parking as well is a huge benefit, it’s so easy. The location is fantastic and it’s going to be a really good event.”

GTO Mary Gotts

“The thing for me is that the Milton Keynes venue, and location, just seems much more approachable. I would feel a lot more confident coming here to exhibit, it’s a more inviting venue and there’s everything here.”

Anneka Nicholls, marketing coordinator, Shakespeare’s England


“The big draw, after seeing the venue, is how easy everything is. There’s so much parking right outside and it’s all free. When I saw the Marshall Arena, and the floorspace itself, it gave me the wow factor. Coaches are able to park right outside; you’ve got the Premier Lounge upstairs and the catering options seem great – none of that will interfere with exhibitor and visitor space so it seems it’s all going to work so well.”

Sue Lea, destination manager, Visit Herts

“We’re based in Stratford and it’s taken me about an hour and a half to get here – it’s very easy and everything seems so handy for the event.”

Peter Monks, director, Shakespeare’s Distillery

“The venue in Milton Keynes is really great. We have no doubt that we’ll be able to get our partners on board with it.”

Ekaterina Leret, marketing & commercial manager, Shakespeare’s England

“It’s been great to see the venue, the loading arrangements seem really easy.”

Kerry Wheelwright, Visit Skipton



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