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Thursday 3rd October 2024 at the Marshall Arena at Stadium MK, Milton Keynes.

Exhibitor Testimonials

Exhibitor Quotes from 2023

“For us it’s good to come to this, we get to meet people we work with throughout the year face to face. You can’t put a price on getting to see people and shake their hands. The show has paid for itself within the first 10 minutes today as we picked up some new business, so we were very happy about that. The core of our business is group travel. There’s one person here who brings us 20,000 visitors a year, if anything this show is worthwhile for me just to spend an hour with him which is what we did this morning. This is a really specialist show – people are here with a group trade mentality. It’s really useful. It’s great to see a diverse range of people here. Milton Keynes is a really good central location. It’s been a really good day for Nevis Range.”

Chris O’Brien,
Nevis Range
“It’s been really good for us. We’ve met two kinds of people – those who love Kynren but those who haven’t heard about it. Coach operators and tour groups. We’ve got the whole package. They’ve been interested in the sheer size of it. We haven’t stopped talking to people. There’s been such an array of people from smaller groups to bigger parties. I’d really hope to see lots more bookings because of the show.”

Wendy Wilshere,
“It’s a great opportunity to widen our audience and attract new coach companies and group travel organisers. It’s good to create new relationships and for networking, taking to other companies and sharing best practice as well as speaking to the GTOs. It’s a way to increase our visitor numbers and spread the word about Kew Gardens. It’s a great show with a very nice atmosphere. It has been a really good opportunity.”

Bianaca Pasquero,
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
 “People buy from people and in today’s world with all the technology it’s so nice to meet people face to face, hear what they’re looking for and then match the right product to their needs. We’ve had a nice flow of people coming, not too busy and not too quiet so we’ve had some really good and productive conversations, there was good interest and enthusiasm from GTOs. European travel has regained enthusiasm; people want to travel again which is very refreshing. It’s been really successful.”

Gabrielle Alam,
For us it’s been really good in the sense of trying to branch out into the group market which is part of our strategy. The footfall has been really incredible and the genuine interest has been phenomenal. Because there’s a lot of domestic tourism we’ve stood out as an international destination. It’s been a good day which we’ve thoroughly enjoyed. There has been a lot of interest in history and gastronomy.”

Peter Green,
Visit Malta
“Having not attended a Travel Trade show before with Mount Pleasant, IOW Tours and Kingshill, I was most impressed with the organisation of the GLT Show. From arrival into the venue, I received a very warm welcome from the official staff and was guided through to the exhibition hall. All in all, it has been a great experience, I enjoyed meeting other companies and managed to network effectively which will increase our profile and business potential.”

Debbie Cox,
Kingshill Dance Holidays
“It’s been very good, it seems very busy, I’d say the busiest year since the pandemic. A lot of people we know are here both in terms of exhibitors and visitors. We’ve had lots of good conversations. We’ve had one regular client who has been to see us and talked through three tours for 2025 as she already has 2024 booked up with us. We offer such a wide variety of destinations so there has been a real range of interest. It feels like people are looking for more adventurous tours again and looking further ahead again so we’ve got more chance to get people better deals in the future.”

Andy Holmes,
Norman Allen Group Travel

“The GLT Show is important for us on two levels, one is because we love meeting the trade and group travel organisers, but equally, we like facilitating this Great West Way stand with our own ambassadors and making sure they’re doing business with the GTOs. I would say Group Leisure & Travel is the leading trade magazine for groups, and I think it’s because of that, that it has a loyal readership which means you get the right type of people visiting the GLT Show for us exhibitors.”

Florence Wallace,
Visit Wiltshire/Great West Way

“It’s so important for us to be out there again. This event has been amazing for us; we’ve learnt a lot and have met lots of new connections and seen lots of people. It’s been a really successful day and really valuable. We’ve been able to give a lot of information about what we offer. There’s been some genuinely lovely people here with who we have built good new connections with, while also meeting some good old connections who have come back.”

Aimee Thomas,

“It’s the first experience of the Group Leisure & Travel Show for me and it’s been absolutely amazing. In the build up to the event, I would say about half of the conversations I’ve had with group organisers were about if I would be at the GLT Show, which gave me full confidence that today would be really good and it’s certainly delivered. I’ve been able to put a face to the name with about a dozen people today. I’ve never done anything on this scale and I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s been incredible and absolutely flown by.”

Alan Rennie,
Ambassador Cruise Line
“It’s been a really good day, I’ve had some really positive discussions and it’s really good to meet everybody face to face. A lot of the people we’ve spoken to want to know what’s new for groups on the Isle of Wight so it’s a great chance to spread the word and hand out our updated guides to the island. We know we’re talking to the right people at the GLT Show which is really key for us. It’s not always necessarily about volume, it’s about quality, and we find that this show really brings quality visitors.”

Amy Summers,
Visit Isle of Wight

“It’s been really useful to see offers from competitors but also to speak with group organisers and people who have been in the industry for many years to get their insight, as we are quite new to the groups and coach operator side of things. It’s really important having that face-to-face contact and we’ve met people who are going to come and do a FAM trip with us.

Cherise Cross,
Layered Reality

“It has been a good day and we’ve seen lots of people who want to come and visit us which is great. We’ve been able to meet group organisers face to face and tell them directly about us and that we recently celebrated our 90th anniversary. We only come to the Group Leisure & Travel Show as it’s a great place to meet people in the industry. We’ve spoken to other attractions near to us like Thursford Christmas Spectacular and Holkham to try and work together on a combined ticket option for groups.”

Julie Wilson,
Norfolk Lavender

Exhibitor Quotes from 2022

“The day has been good for us. It’s our first time at the Group Leisure & Travel Show and we’ve had a good mix of people, I think we’ve had a few good leads which we think will convert into actual group bookings which is always good, and it’s been busy. We’re at the beginning of the group travel journey, it’s all new to us so it’s good for us to be here and have a friendly face to come and chat to and build that rapport with group travel organisers and offer them an idea of what we can do for them.”

Bernie Patry-Makin, Travel Trade Manager, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

“The success of attending your show has been unprecedented, with nearly 1400 new visitors booked on the back of exhibiting in 2022. The show was very well organised and it was clear to see that you are proactive in who visits the show. There was no one trying to sell us things, it was all about the venues being able to spend quality time with visitors and work towards closing a deal to attract visitors to our attraction. We can’t wait to attend in 2023 and grow this success even further.”

Paul Brandwood, Business Development Manager, The Royal Mint

“We needed to come today because we need to be visible. We need to show that Devon is being proactive in the groups market and we need to be promoting what we can offer groups, including joint ticketing, fam visits and everything we can offer to help make groups visiting the county as easy as possible. There’s been some good quality group organisers here today so we’re hopeful that some of the familiarisation visits we’ve put together will get the bookings in.”

Anne Blackham, Marketing Consultant,
Devon’s Top Attractions

“I love coming here, I get to meet people who I speak to all the time on the phone. I also meet lots of coach operators and tour operators that I speak to on a regular basis, it’s just nice to put a face to a name. It’s important to come here because for a lot of people, Kew Gardens can seem a little imposing, but it’s not at all, it’s top attraction that does very important scientific work. It’s important to come along and meet the people who are organising group trips.”

Eric White, Groups & Travel Trade Executive,
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

“This is the first time I’ve exhibited with Bodmin Jail and it’s exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of group organisers here. I think it’s so important to come to events like this to see the whites of people’s eyes rather than doing things over email or virtually. People can really get a sense of your attraction. The day has been really busy, it is a double hit. On the one hand you’re meeting the GTOs, on the other you’re making connections with people across the travel trade, getting to speak to the right people.”

Andrew Niven, Sales Manager,
Bodmin Jail Attraction

“It’s always nice to put a face to a name by coming along to the GLT Show and meeting people in person, rather than over the phone or email. This way you can establish that relationship and gather feedback in what we can do better for them, it’s just nice to be able to speak to people. It’s an exciting time as confident builds after the height of the pandemic. This is the first big show we’ve been to and it’s lovely to be here and catch up to see where everyone else is at as well.”

Belle Gribbon,
West Midland Safari Park

“Being here keeps you at the forefront of people’s minds, you stay on their radar and you keep reminding people of what you are doing and having those face to face conversations. For us especially, trying to get people to understand what we are and what we can offer is a lot easier verbally than just in the magazine. It’s been a good experience. I find here that 99% of the people that come up to us are people that will potentially book a trip, as opposed to other shows in the past where they’re just here for the free giveaways. The location here is quite important too. Everything tends to be London based so it’s nice to be somewhere well connected away from the capital.”

Faye Brant-Key,
National Memorial Arboretum

“It’s been really interesting. It’s the first GLT Show I’ve been to and it has been so insightful. It’s great to meet everyone and put faces to names and I’ve had some interesting conversations. A really fun day with a mix of GTOs, those who haven’t been to the safari park and others who have been but want to find out something new. I’ve met so many different people and have made some good connections too.”

Kate Kissane,
West Midland Safari Park

“We’ve had a very good day, it has been so good to see people back at the show. It’s really important for us to be at the GLT Show, especially as we’ve had something new to announce, our new resort. We’ve had some very good conversations with GTOs and are seeing things picking up again.”
Chantelle Buckenham,
Potters Resorts

“It has been a good day for us and we’ve spoken to lots of people, GTOs who have never been to the attraction before and others who have been but want to come and tell us how amazing it is which is lovely. We’ve been talking a lot about events for next year and there has been great interest in the enigma replica machine on our stand. It’s important to us that so many people should hear the story of Bletchley Park which is why we’re here today. It’s a chance to talk to people directly rather than on the phone and is much easier to ask and answer questions. Good to talk to other organisations about it too.”

Melanie Owen,
Bletchley Park

“It’s absolutely invaluable to come together in person at the GLT Show, loads more valuable than social media. We’ve been so busy catching up with people today, renewing friendships and meeting some first-timers too. It has been great to network with others and just being able to touch base with other organisations, in one place, has been so beneficial. We all have the common aim.”

Dave Pearson,
visitor experience team, Holkham Hall

“The groups market is really picking up for us and if we don’t come to shows like this, we’ll fall off the radar. We’ve definitely seen a lift in sales recently, groups are looking for something a bit different. I love the Marshall Arena as a venue too, it’s great that it’s all in one place with the awards the night before, for me it’s nice and easy.”

Katie Weller,
National Gallery

“There’s definitely a pent up demand after Covid and groups are our bread and butter. It’s my first time at the show and I’m impressed so far, you meet the people arranging the group trips and it’s so easy for people to get around too.”

Anna-Karin Hanson,
English Heritage


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