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Thursday 5th October 2023 at the Marshall Arena at Stadium MK, Milton Keynes.

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Exhibitor Testimonials

Exhibitor Quotes from 2021

“We’ve spoken to a lot of quality group organisers today. We’ve had a lot more time to spend with people as it’s slightly quieter, but we really feel like they will definitely come and visit Ely in the future and they seem grateful that we’re exhibiting here. We will definitely be coming back to the GLT Show, the venue is perfect, everything was ready for us when we arrived, and the car park is really close so we could easily bring in everything for our stand.”

Anna Bennet, tourism and town centre manager at Visit Ely

“You only need to talk to one person here and get them on board to make it a successful visit. We don’t do many shows but the second person I spoke to today was a really good contact. They had a plan in mind and we were able to help them with that which relaxed me instantly and that’s half an hour into the show.”

Steve Mitchell, director of Mitchellwood Travel

“We’ve met new group organisers and they’ve been of good quality. To be honest, I’m just so glad that you’ve run it. I’m so sick of virtual events and all the rest of it. It’s actually nice just to get out, meet people and be with them face to face; and speaking with the group organisers they feel the exact same way. For so long they’ve been stuck indoors and they’re keen to travel again and this show has given them a chance to get back to normal and start planning things in a normal way. I’m definitely glad I came up and well done to the Group Leisure & Travel Team for having the faith to keep it going because it must have been a big gamble.

“This show today is a sign of everyone trying to get back to normal after the pandemic and you’ve got to start somewhere. The reason we do the GLT Show is so that we can meet so many people in one go. Once you’ve made that initial contact face to face, it’s so much easier to follow up. If people don’t know you they’re more likely to not pick up the phone. It’s about being seen, showing that we’re still in business and that we still want to welcome groups.”

John Gibbs, tourism officer at Visit Portsmouth

“We’ve found the day really good, it’s been a nice pace because if you get too many people coming all at once, it can be tough to see everyone, especially as there is only two of us here today. We’ve definitely had some interest from different group organisers, too. Quite a few have taken our forms to book a future tour at the castle which is always good and everyone we have spoken today, including other stand holders have been really friendly. There is a nice atmosphere here. It’s important to do shows like this as some people may never have heard of Belvoir Castle and we want spread the word.”

George Sidey, events management and marketing at Belvoir Castle

“We’ve had more time to talk to people and the group organisers here are of a really high quality. Sometimes it can be far too busy at trade shows and you have to move people on quite quickly and you don’t get the time to get to know what they’re looking for, today has been a great balance. It’s important to meet people face to face and connecting with them, to show that we can operate in safe way to build confidence back up after Covid. The GLT Show feels like it has a lot more of a friendlier approach than other trade shows I have exhibited at.”

Zoe Kent, who works in group sales at Blenheim Palace

“I think it’s been a good steady day. This is the first big show we have been to post pandemic and was half expecting it be either heaving with people or have nobody here at all. I think today was somewhere in the middle. We’ve got about 20 contacts here that we’ve made today so that’s a positive day for us.”

Jayne Pyper, group sales advisor at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

“I think today has shown that there is still that pent up demand for group visits following the pandemic. We’re hoping to see a few more U3A groups and WIs but from what we’ve seen today the future is looking very promising. Each time we come to something like this, you speak to people who think they know what you are, but really they don’t. It’s an opportunity for us to open their eyes and show them exactly what they can do on a visit. We’ve met lots of people today that I know we’ll stay in contact with.

Eric White, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Exhibitor Quotes from 2019

“It’s a great show for bringing people together; for us to see everyone in one venue is great and especially a venue like this. It’s easy to get to and there’s easy parking which is a big thing for GTOs, it needs to be clear and easy. I’m also a big believer in the celebrity speakers because again they give ideas; it’s all about collating ideas and mixing with people who are passionate about travel. The Group Leisure & Travel Show wins every time, we get a lot of good organisers who are new to us but also our regulars. It’s a really nice atmosphere too, we love it.”

Tim Fleming, Arena Travel

“We’ve had a great day, we’ve met some brand new organisers; it has all flown lovely and we’ve really enjoyed it. The new venue, for us, has been brilliant, easy access and everything and we’re going home with smiles on our faces. We had a lady today at the show, on her third trip around she come up to me and said I want to book Studley on this date for this many people, absolutely great.”

Barbara Flood, Warner Leisure Hotels

“We’re really excited to generate more business and gain new contacts, following on from the success of last year’s show – events like this are really useful because it’s targeted at a specific audience.”

Jackie Boustead, Whitworth Hall Hotel & Deer Park

“For us it’s the only event on the calendar that’s really aimed at groups and brings them all together in a convenient location. The Milton Keynes venue is in really good location. The show and the awards just keep ticking all the boxes and as long as they keep ticking all the boxes we’ll keep turning up.”

Harold Burke, just for groups!

Overall a successful event. Milton Keynes Arena was a wonderful location – the show was well attended with a genuine interest in our attraction. We look forward to exhibiting next year!

Katie Weller, Westminster Abbey

“We’ve been exhibiting at the show for a number of years now but previously at the NEC in Birmingham. My first impression of the new venue in Milton Keynes is that it’s great. It’s quite big and easily accessible which is always a bonus, plus it’s not far for us to travel.”

Aileen Sharp, Visit Ely

“We’ve been in a very fortunate spot and we’ve met lovely people from all parts of the leisure trade. It has been fascinating to see what’s on offer and to network; these events are really useful for people to gain an insight into what’s out there and how they can connect with each other. We’ve had a lot of interest off the coach parties; a lot of the hotels are organising trips themselves, there’s a lot of people doing lots of good things. The venue is very colourful, everyone has been so friendly and approachable, I’d recommend it to everyone in tourism, you’re at the heart and soul of it here.”

Ray White, Floating Grace

The Group Leisure & Travel Show is a great way to meet our fantastic group travel customers!

Jorden Charlton, Jet2holidays

The new venue for the show was excellent and as always the Group Leisure team was on hand to help and support throughout the day.”

Anu Desai, ITO Tours

“Exhibiting in Milton Keynes for the first time is very easy as we can park our vehicles very close to the entrance and I think it works as customers seem to be able to get here quite easily.”

Robert Shaw, Harry Shaw Group Travel

“The exhibition has been really good, I have really enjoyed it. I feel like the venue is great in terms of being right near the hotel and right where the awards night was – really easy. Good location, nice stand, it seems to be busy, the day has gone really quick I feel like I have been talking to a lot of people. Saying hi to clients we already have and trying to get new business as well.”

Lauren Clark, Stuart Line Cruises

“We’ve had a lot of interest from visitors today, in fact it was non-stop until about 1.30pm! We’ve been very excited to let people know that we are revamping the Coronation Street tours experience. It’s going to be really exciting next year, working so close with the production to make it the best it can possibly be. That’s obviously in Manchester and will be nearby the new I’m A Celebrity experience that will open next year – an action-packed activity. It’s also really good from a group’s perspective as you can combine both experiences in one itinerary.”

Katy Roberts, ITV Tours & Attractions

Exhibitor Quotes from 2018

“We’ve had a fantastic day at the show. The visitors have been great, we’ve seen lots of new faces. The Group Leisure & Travel Show team have been fantastic as well, so helpful with anything we have needed. We’re really looking forward to next year’s event and have already booked for Milton Keynes.”

Shauna Potts, director of Simply Groups

“We had lots of interest at the show – I think bringing our Jailhouse Tours van here has driven more people to our stand. Group organisers are always looking for the next best thing, so it’s been useful for us to exhibit. Our tours are really different and clever, but they are a lot of fun too.”

Graham Goodwin, tour guide and ex-officer, Jailhouse Tours

“The show has been really busy. We’ve had lots of genuine interest and different types of people coming to speak to us about things to do in the Cotswolds. A few years ago people didn’t seem to know where the Cotswolds were but now we’re having more detailed discussions about specific locations and things to do which is great.”

Anna Fletcher, marketing manager, Cotswold Wildlife Park

“It has been absolutely great and we’ll definitely be going to MK next year.”

Tim Fleming, sales and business development manager, Arena Travel

“We’ve been really busy – rushed off our feet with excitement about Coventry and group visits. We’ve had so many great conversations and the message is, we’re well and truly open for business! There’s so much going on in the city in the next few years, the show has been the perfect opportunity to promote all of the initiatives. Visitors have been so interested in what we have to offer and the perception about Coventry has really changed.”

Claire England, senior destination management officer, Visit Coventry

“This is our first time exhibiting at the show and it has been absolutely amazing. We have been so busy we haven’t had time to leave the stand. We planned that one of us would man the stand and the other would go and have meetings but we’ve had so many visitors we’ve not been able to leave. We have had a great deal of interest from group organisers and have provisionally got a booking for the whole hotel next year for a coach trip. We’ve really enjoyed the day, it has been a great experience.”

Lynn Hughes, coach tours manager, Whitworth Hall Hotel & Country Park

“It has been pleasantly busy, we’ve had brochures flying off the table and there has been good camaraderie between operators. There has been a lot of interest in the vouchers we’re giving away.”

Louise Bradbury-Bennett, groups executive, Leger Holidays

“Our stand has been very busy and the quality of GTOs this year has been good. The doughnuts have been particularly popular!”

Tom Gennard, group sales executive, InterChoice

“It has been a really lovely day and we’ve experienced a good amount of interest from visitors. It’s our first time exhibiting at the show and we are definitely planning to return next year. The facility has been great.”

Andra Pivru, communications & events, Experience Oxfordshire

“The show was great, best I have done! It felt smaller – which worked to our advantage and it felt quieter yet everyone was genuinely interested and we had more time to talk to them. There were no time wasters this time! I didn’t attend last year (booked a holiday in error!) and I really noticed a positive change this year.”

Lisa Weaver, groups coordinator, Woburn Abbey & Gardens

“We’ve had a good amount of interest from visitors at this year’s show. Simon Calder actually came onboard the coach which was fun, and he was really interested and asked a lot of questions. It’s the only bus like it and features 12 beds to transport groups travelling about 300 miles. Some people are amazed by the space.”

Alan Aim, founder, Travel by Knight

“It’s about seeing colleagues from the group travel industry under one roof and gives us a good opportunity to network. It’s great to see that domestic tourism is improving and is ongoing for gardens too. The interest shows we’re doing the right thing.”

Melissa Hackney, group sales and marketing manager, RHS

“We exhibited at the Group Leisure & Travel Show to promote the new hotel that is opening at Bodmin Jail and our new guided tours which include a heritage tours, a historical and paranormal tour and an all-night paranormal tour. We also have an escape room opening in December which we will reveal more about soon!”

Laura Harwood, events manager, Bodmin Jail

Exhibitor Quotes from 2017

“The show has been absolutely fantastic, full of genuine organisers which is what it’s all about. We’ve had many potential leads, and the new layout has just been brilliant – love it.”

Glen Thomas, Head of Group Sales, Travelsphere, Just You & G Adventures

“The GLTS 2017 enabled a wide range of tourism businesses to meet a large number of buyers from diverse areas of England and overseas. Always reliable and always a pleasure to attend.”

Antony Brunt, Proprietor, Dunster in Exmoor

“We’ve had a great spot for our stand this year as we were near to the celebrity speakers, so not only could we listen to their talks but also got the chance to have a chat with them! It’s been great!””

Tim Fleming, Sales and Business Manager, The River Cruise Line

“It’s our first time at the show and it has been fantastic so far. We have heard great things about the Group Leisure & Travel Show and the feedback from visitors has been great.”

Alanna Kite, Visit Herts

“It’s been busy with lots of leads. And lots of contacts of people to work with. We’ve exhibited here for several years because of last year’s success we came back. It’s great for networking and also for ideas for our own group.”

Joanne Wood, Operations Manager, Simply Groups

“This was our first ever exhibition, and I’m so glad we signed up to be a part of it! We were guided through the process by Emma and the team and set-up the day before the show was easy. We met a lot of quality prospects and met some really lovely people; visitors and fellow exhibitors alike! We would definitely recommend taking a Travel Row at the Group Leisure & Travel Show for anyone who is undecided about whether to exhibit. We have no regrets at all!”

Alex Holme, Marketing Coordinator, Elgin Hotel/Hotel Sheraton

“It’s been really good, lots of positive leads, it’s our first year and it’s been very successful. There’s been some international interest from people who have been very keen, which is very good for us. I’m considering coming back next year. The guest speakers were also very good, especially, Simon Calder.”

James Hull, General Manager, Kents Cavern

“It’s been really good and it’s so nice to be able to put names to faces. We’ve had some really interesting leads too! It’s been useful to come and be exposed to it all. Hugo has loved it too. He’s been loving all the attention”

Robyn Jones, Head of Groups, STC Switzerland Travel Centre

“We were delighted to exhibit at this year’s Group Leisure & Travel Show at the NEC Birmingham. The show was very well organised and represented and provided us with the opportunity to meet up with both our loyal customers and new Group Travel Organisers. Being a Midlands based show it gives us the ideal platform to promote our Northern departure ports – Liverpool, Newcastle and Edinburgh (Rosyth) – to groups interested in sailing from the North, in addition to our Southern departures, Southampton and Dover. It was a successful show and we are looking forward to working with our customers on their new 2018 and 2019 group promotions, which will cover 228 ports of call worldwide. “

Ellie Fulcher, Sales Manager Groups, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

“The Group Leisure and Travel Show is invaluable to both operators and attractions. 2017’s show demonstrated that by bringing both attractions and operators together there is a thirst for tour innovation in the group tour market. Operators were engaged with our offer and making formal enquires, which has already resulted in confirmed bookings for 2018.”

Megan Pollexfen, Manager, Discover Newmarket

“Exhibiting at the show for the first time, we were very happy with the range of visitors throughout the day and their response to us as a potential new destination for groups.”

Melanie Armitage, Cultural Promotions, Wakefield Council

“It’s been very interesting, and I’ve made some very interesting people. It’s our first time exhibiting here and it is much better than other shows.”

Martin Halse, Chief Executive, Coldharbour Mill

Exhibitor Quotes from 2016

“We’ve had quite a few business propositions today, it’s been a successful show for us. We came last year as well and we like to return to this event. We know the kind of people who we can expect here like coach companies and groups operators.”

Clare Blabey, Group Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator, The Quays and Salford

“Brilliant show to exhibit at – good for a first timer and a returning client. Easy layout at the exhibition with a variety of services available including food to electricity. A fantastic source to meet new and old suppliers along with a new clientele.”

Fran Pickett, Lions Group

“It’s been so busy! This is our first time exhibiting and it’s been fantastic. We’ve had so much help with the set up – from the moment we decided to do the event the organisers have been fantastic, with things like the logistics of the bowling alley. We’ve had a great response so far and a fabulous amount of leads.”

Rachel Hosking, Company Director, Serious About Events

“It was our first time at the show and we were delighted with the co-operation of the organisers, and the reception we received from potential clients.”

Graham Mabbutt, B&MK Waterway Enterprises Ltd

“I’m quite new to the market and it’s been great to get to know people. The show offers a great opportunity and we’ve had a number of positive leads.”

Chiara Pincelli, Sales & Marketing Manager, Oxford Castle Unlocked

“The show is an excellent chance for you to connect with potential customers across the entirety of the country. It is definitely worth a visit as a guest or as an exhibitor.”

Gemma Bamford, Chester Cathedral

“This show is certainly the very best one day event for GTOs in the UK. The quality of GTOs is getting better and this is a big difference between Group Leisure & Travel Show and some other shows.”

Steve Reed, Steve Reed Tourism

“Always an excellent show, with everything provided that is needed and Whites Tours always get business from this show fantastic evening at the gala dinner.”

Rosemary Tate, Whites Tours and Travel Ireland

“Once again we were very busy and picked up a lot of leads particularly for new customers…”

Nigel Maun, Brend Hotels in Devon and Cornwall

“Enjoyed the Show which was well organised with good friendly support from Emma and the team at all times.”

Ivor Henrichsen, VorScot Tours

“Had a great experience exhibiting at our first Group Leisure and Travel Show….”

Lesley Marshall, Tripcenter.net and Let’s Travel Services

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